human recource
  • Wages constitute

    Basic salary, performance salary, performance bonus, special bonus, performance bonuses.

  • Social security benefits

    Buy 5 insurances (10% proportion of housing accumulation fund).

  • Working time

    五福彩票 Eight hours, five days rest on Saturday and Sunday, legal holiday, paid vacation.

  • The work environment

    五福彩票 Management, the human nature, comfortable, equipped with lighting basketball court, badminton court, gym, karaoke room, table tennis room and other entertainment facilities

  • The accommodations

    五福彩票 Accommodation, housing for suites are equipped with air conditioning, water heater, TV, etc.

  • Other benefits

    Communications, transportation allowances are lunch, festival bonus, allowance, high temperature subsidies and pension, offspring children education incentives, paid vacation, relocation packages and other allowances (subsidy).

Talent strategy




To adapt to the company development, reserve a batch of talents, relative "rich" talent!For high-end talent company doors open at any time!
五福彩票 Corporate culture, have the courage to bear, since the drive innovation, pay attention to performance, having both ability and political integrity;Sucker, the form, the sage.

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